How to set up your stall in a candidate led market…

May 31, 2022

Things have changed. Since the restrictions of the pandemic have been lifted, the labour market has a new dynamic. With a significant increase in available jobs imbalanced by a lack of skilled candidates to fill the roles, it’s time for a different strategy.

What’s happening?

After a period where businesses had to reduce headcounts and put many people out of work, the tide has turned, and they’re now having to attract talent back. And so, of course, are their competitors. The best candidates in this fast-moving market are getting multiple interviews and finding work more quickly. They have more choice and opportunity to land their dream role.

With this in mind, it’s become the survival of the smartest and fittest for employers. That’s why increasingly, businesses are turning to the expertise and efficiency of Tribe Search to identify and attract the best and most compatible candidates across specialist sectors.

You snooze you lose

Without agility and decisiveness, a company is going to lose out to more speedy competitors who’ve got their own house in order, ready to grab the best individuals before they get snapped up elsewhere. Research suggests that a large percentage of candidates will accept the first good offer they receive. So it makes sense to have slick processes in place that aren’t going to keep individuals of interest hanging on. Providing a great candidate experience is no longer just a ‘nice to have’. Tribe Search knows what the important touch points are and how to use them, helping create the right conditions for building a good rapport from the get-go.

Equally, navigating this new landscape effectively requires the understanding, skills and specialist sector insight that leads you straight to the right candidates in the first place. Known for its impeccable matching of talent, Tribe uses its powerful searching and sector intelligence to map, attract and sound out the most select individuals on your behalf so time wasting is never on the agenda.

You need to be in the right ballpark to score

Candidates are increasingly savvy when it comes to market rate salary in their chosen sector or geographical location. There’s a lot of easily found information out there that will be guiding their decision-making. Competitive remuneration is only one part of the desirable benefit packages that are attracting the best individuals. A bit of creative thinking and flexibility goes a long way in adding personal value.

Positive experiences, work life balance and new opportunities for development have made their way onto the candidates’ list of essentials.  Knowing this, at Tribe we use our in-depth understanding of the big picture and advise clients on how this can be applied to influence the detail of a credible, well thought out and advantageous offer to present confidently on their behalf.

Onboarding and integration

For a smooth transition into a company and its culture, a small gesture can have a big impact. Supporting the onboarding and integration of a candidate is a key part of the Tribe Search service.  Continuing communication through regular touchpoints with the candidate right through the whole process is not just about being friendly. These little informal calls provide genuine opportunity to start the welcome ball rolling, keep the two-way dialogue open and fresh, and get the excitement of the new role building. Crucially, this also reduces the possibility of the candidate being lured elsewhere ahead of the planned start date.

You’re being watched!

Have you researched your company online? What does it look, sound and feel like? Does it have its own brand or vibe, and does it fit with the sustainable, social purpose agenda? These are things that candidates will be searching to discover when they look you up. We make it our business at Tribe to understand such motivational drivers and keep in step with this through our exceptional networks, ensuring our clients are always well informed in their recruitment strategy.

For example, according to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey, 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025. The reason this is important? Research shows that millennials (and also Gen Z, born after 1997) value more than just pay. They have a keen interest in a company’s culture and get inspired by mission and purpose. So in terms of recruitment strategy, it makes a lot of sense to understand the workforce demographics you’re going to be dealing with, and look at how your company is perceived from the outside.

There’s a lot to think about and more to do. But if you’re serious about wanting your business to attract and retain the very best of talent in this increasingly demanding marketplace, get in touch with us at Tribe Search. We’ll help you set up that stall wisely and present an outstanding pitch.


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