Filling a senior role – getting it right

May 26, 2022

It’s now more important than ever to place the right people in the right roles, and none more so than at executive level. We take a look at what you need to know and why. 

Future Proofing

Organisations are having to push forward in a time of massive change and uncertainty. For employers, a redefining of the roles and skills of their next senior managers needs to be seriously considered in line with evolving business needs of structure, strategy and sustainability. Any senior level changes will undoubtedly influence the future, as well as the here and now. So it pays – in more ways than one – to get it right first time. 

Know your needs – have a clear purpose to your search

How do you articulate what you need? And what do the ‘new’ necessary skills and competencies look like in relation to your organisation’s strategic direction? These are big questions, but if you don’t truly understand what you’re looking for, it’s unlikely you’ll be appointing the right candidate.  

Things to think about include the right balance of generic and technical or functionally specific management skills;  interpersonal effectiveness for empowering others; and the ability to see critical interdependencies when managing change.  And don’t underestimate the ‘softer’ aspects of a manager’s style and behaviour – these are increasingly the focus of much attention. 

Only fools rush in

Be prepared to be patient. Advertising may bring candidates to your door but it takes planning and time to hire senior executives that are going to fit well into the business. So be willing to wait for the right individual if they’re already in a position elsewhere – and those of a high calibre usually are. If you’re faced with an immediate and more urgent need to fill a role, an interim placement can be a wise option.  

Look your offer in the mirror

Attracting top talent requires a holistic approach when it comes to what you’re offering. High salaries are only one part of the equation. High performing professionals are now, quite rightly, seeking fulfilment in their careers through more than just monetary means. So, when you’re reflecting on the offer you’re putting forward, be mindful of the value in a holistic package of benefits, with features such as tailored lifestyle benefits as well as opportunities for new experiences in both professional and personal development.  

Stop playing the field – get into a relationship

The best people are rarely looking for a job. That’s why executive search exists. A specialised, research-led recruitment service will attract the most highly skilled talent to your organisation and support you in making the right choices for securing exceptional individuals who go on to help your company to grow and evolve. 

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to add excitement to your business or career, you won’t experience a better relationship than with
Tribe Search. 


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