October 20, 2022

The Probation Period… Deal-breaker or Not?

At present, there are justifiable concerns around job safety due to global turmoil and economic uncertainty. Candidates are understandably worried about moving or changing jobs as a result of the pandemic. Something that we have accepted as normal practice when moving jobs is now giving serious pause for thought and in some cases causing good candidates to make the decision to remain where they are happy or not as the case may be!

Everyone considers protecting their income, stability of lifestyle, family matters, work life balance and the package that is being offered when changing jobs… Let’s face it, recruitment would go the way of the dinosaur if people stopped changing jobs!

So, is the advice to “STAY PUT”?    No… In all cases you are job hunting for a reason so you must ensure that you carry out your own research so you can be confident that you’re doing the right thing for you.

Tribe Search has developed long-standing relationships with our clients which have been built on years of trust and hard work, furthermore this ensures that you are being contacted for the right reasons and aligned to the ideal client / business with a qualified job proposition.

As part of your own planning and research, consider the following examples of the type of questions you should be asking.
These are based on one of our own recruitment sector, Electrical Wholesale.

Question: How stable is my business sector in terms of work, opportunity and growth?

Answer: The Electrical Wholesale industry remains strong as it is intrinsically linked to the construction sector which is booming. Wholesalers need staff to keep up with their customer demands and plans for growth.

Question: Are there historically strong / well established businesses that are also recruiting and planning growth and investment within the electrical wholesale sector?

Answer: Our clients are well-established companies, who are busy and in need of staff and actively looking for long-term and committed members of staff who they can invest in, this means NO quick fixes, they require good people for keeps!

Question: What is the market outlook for electrical wholesale?  

Answer:  With all the uncertainty in the world, the energy crisis and turmoil in parliament, the Electrical Wholesale sector endures and keeps moving forwards because companies are still buildings offices, affordable houses and refurbishing homes, which such high demand wholesalers need the staff to service customers and clients alike!

Question: Why should you worry less about your probationary period in electrical wholesale?

 Answer: In the Electrical Wholesale sector, we work under a framework and represent a business for all their recruitment needs. Our commitment is to present ideal candidates to the client for interview after pre-screening to ensure the candidate is ideally suited to the role. As a trusted supplier, we know our client’s business intent and the need for accuracy when placing candidates. Therefore, you can be assured that you should fly through your probationary period with no issues.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to support your business or career, Talk to Us!


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